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TSS certified and licensed by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) and the Arizona Chapter of the National Safety Council (ACNSC).

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Several Valley locations and Virtual Zoom.

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A Carefree Traffic Survival School (TSS) is licensed by the Arizona MVD and the Arizona Chapter of the National Safety Council (ACNSC). We offer small, clean and intimate class settings with experienced teachers. We are here to help those who have received a notice from ACNSC and/or ADOT Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) requiring the completion of a licensed Traffic Survival School (TSS) class.

You must attend TSS if
  • You were Court-ordered by an Arizona Court
  • You were Court-ordered by an out-of-state court with approval to attend from Arizona MVD,
  • You received a notice to attend TSS for, but not limited to, these reasons:
    • Taking a Defensive Driving (DD) Course is no longer an option for you because you have done so within the last 12 months.
    • You have been found responsible for running a red light.
    • You have accumulated 8-12 points for violations on your driver’s license record.
What you must bring to class with you
  • Your Drivers License or picture ID.
  • We are no longer accepting checks or cash.  Please prepay below.
  • You no longer have to bring in a letter or record as stated on your letter.
Virtual (Zoom) class information

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We have several valley locations and Virtual Class for select dates. See Terms and Conditions for Virtual Classes.

Pay Now or Before Attending Your Class

If paying for someone with a different name than the card being used for payment, please email, call or text us with the name of the student you are paying for, thank you.

Paying with a credit card on-site will require an additional $10.00 processing fee.

In-Person Class: $155.00

Virtual Zoom Class (with waiver): $155.00


We respect you but please respect us. Our teachers are just doing their best to do their jobs with no judgement. We reserve the right to refuse service to individuals being disrespectful in any way. Although certified and governed by MVD and the Arizona Chapter of the National Safety Council, we have no influence over your case and cannot take class time to argue with you about it. We are here to help you take care of your business and to help you retain your license. Disrespect toward our teachers, site staff, other students and to the curriculum will not be tolerated. 

Traffic survival school (TSS) is a class mandated (not optional) by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). It is designed for individuals who have accumulated 8 or more points on their driver’s license within a 12 month period. All certified schools are contracted with the Arizona Chapter National Safety Council (ACNSC) to follow the guidelines of the MVD. TSS is designed to improve motorists’ attitudes towards safe driving. We do accept walk-ins but If you are not in the system, the instructor must turn you away.

These two schools are two different animals. We do not offer Defensive Driving courses. Defensive Driving is for individuals who received a ticket worth 4 points or less and wish to attend a class to avoid points placed on their driving record. This is optional and you do not pay your fine but just the school. TSS is for those who have already been convicted, paid their fine and thereby assessed points. You would receive a letter from Arizona Chapter National Safety Council (ACNSC)/ADOT Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) requiring you to take a Traffic Survival School class.

To find a certified Defensive Driving School go to azcourts.gov/defensivedriving.gov

Please bring your Driver’s License or AZ State ID and be ready to show your emailed payment receipt. In most cases, you will already have been marked paid. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks as long it is not distracting. We do not supply any at our hotel sites and the breakfast is not complimentary. You may also want to bring a lunch. Lunch is only 30 minutes. Our sites tend to be chilly so dress accordingly.

All Traffic Survival Schools are required by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) to be eight hours long. It is a single one 8-hour day. Registering with the instructor begins at 7:30 then class begins at 8:00 AM and finishes at 4:30 PM. Lunch is from 12- 12:30.

If you have court paperwork specifically stating in the decision, signed by the Judge, that you are required to attend Traffic Survival School then you must attend. If you went to court for a DUI, you will receive a Traffic Survival School assignment letter. Submit a full copy of the court paperwork at the time of registration by emailing a picture or copy to acarefreetss@gmail.com.

You can prepay $155 on this website at www.acarefreetrafficsurvivalschool.com which covers ALL fees including ACNSC enrollment fee. Payment is due before the day of class.

To prepay follow these steps:
-Go back to the home page.

Do not re-register

Click on “Pay Now”

-Follow the prompts to pay. 

-Keep your emailed receipt handy just in case the teacher needs to see it but you do not need to send it to us. In most cases you will be marked paid.

If you need to reschedule for any reason, your payment will transfer.
Any refund requests must be made 24 hours in advance and will be subject to any
transaction charges. Allow 3 business days for a refund to process.

Give us a call, send us an email, or simply register again online.

Once the instructor hits the timer to end the class, you not only receive a Certificate of Completion (COC) but your completion is fed into the MVD system and onto your driving record. However, with the launch of the new system, AZMVDNow, not all completions can be electronically processed. Your instructor will tell you how to check your driving record to see if it shows this completion at azmdnow.gov. It is highly recommended that you upload your COC onto your account then call MVD at 602-255-0072. You can also visit an MVD field office or third party and have a supervisor to help you.


AZMVD Now: azmvdnow.gov

  • To see if you have any cases/withdrawals against you
  • To view/get a copy of your driving record or Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)
  • To upload a copy of your certificate
  • To reinstate your driver’s license

ADOT Motor Vehicle Division: azdot.gov

  • For Driver Services
  • Vehicle title and registration services
  • If you are new to Arizona
  • Mandatory insurance

For certified Defensive Driving Schools: https://www.azcourts.gov/drive/Defensive-Driving-Schools

For Driver’s License Manual: azdot.gov/driverservices

To print up a temporary state approved ID: azmvdnow.gov

If you were convicted of a DUI and you need a coupon for a interlock device:

How to contact A Carefree Traffic Survival School: